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Taxation Solutions Inc - Working TogetherWhen you’re seeking the expertise of a licensed and insured tax attorney, look no further than Taxation Solutions, Inc. Our staff includes experienced tax lawyers as well as other qualified tax professionals who can provide effective tax help services. Serving the Mesa area, we’re proud to be one of the top firms in the region for a full range of tax attorney services, from complex matters of back tax resolution to representation in federal tax court. Don’t trust your tax troubles to a lesser tax lawyer team. Contact us today for prompt and skillful tax attorney help!

Only the facts of your situation can determine what type of tax pro is best for you. Nevertheless, Taxation Solutions, Inc. will assign a tax lawyer or similar specialist to your case who is thoroughly versed in:

  • Resolving back taxes
  • Tax penalty abatement
  • Settlement negotiations
  • IRS auditing
  • Tax court proceedings
  • Business tax issues
  • And any other tax topics you need!

We offer tax attorney assistance for both individuals and businesses throughout the Mesa metro. That means you can count on the tax lawyer team at Taxation Solutions, Inc. whether your financial problems have to do with your personal bank accounts, your corporate payroll, or even your small business. No tax problem is ever beyond the scope of our IRS attorneys. We’re members of the ASTPS, NATP, and NAEA, and we’re a BBB-accredited tax attorney firm with an A+ rating. We vow to work hard for you!

Accessible Tax Relief Lawyers

A lot of taxpayers don’t realize this, but many tax matters can be handled by tax specialists other than a tax lawyer. It’s only in certain complex areas of tax law that you require the extra level of education an IRS tax attorney can provide. Fortunately, you get your pick of knowledgeable tax specialists at Taxation Solutions, Inc., including trained tax relief lawyers when you need one. We’ll make a detailed assessment of your tax circumstances and match you to the most appropriate professional for the job. Whether or not that’s a tax lawyer, you can rest assured your tax problems will be taken care of swiftly and successfully. Call us today for a free consultation regarding your tax attorney needs.

Can’t meet during regular business hours? That’s not a problem at Taxation Solutions, Inc. Our tax attorney help is available anytime by appointment. Just tell us when, and we’ll be happy to accommodate your busy schedule. Call now!

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